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About us

About us

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Our Passion

Human lifespan has increased over the last decades, and the essence to a longer, healthier life is among many things, a healthy body and mind that has the components it needs to function optimally.

At Life Extension Europe, we believe you can make a difference in your health and habits, and we act every day with this in mind, wishing only to empower as many people as possible in Europe to take choices for a healthy, longer and happier life. That’s our philosophy, and the principle that our business is built on.


Our Customers


Our Products

500 + Products - with Strong Science Behind

A healthy diet and regular exercise can get you far in terms of improving your health. However, there will be times where your body needs extra components to function optimally. Either you are not producing or absorbing adequate levels of nutrients and vitamins due to age, stress or you simply find it hard to eat a big amount of food to match adequate nutrient levels required for your healthy diet.

We wish to cover your needs with the best vitamins, mineral and supplements; whether it is because you want to improve your health through your lifestyle or you seek higher potency supplements as an already frequent user, or if you have a health condition you want to fight.

We offer more than 500 products and cover 24 Health Categories that suits even the most specific Health goals or challenge you might have.

No matter what you need, you can navigate at our webshop or search on product or category level, or you can call our Customer Care if you need personal assistance towards finding the right products for you.

Our Product Quality is Superior

All products are rooted in detailed scientific research to provide the best foundation for the products. Each and every one of the products are based on the same 3 core principles: Quality, Potency, and Purity. Exactly as when you choose food ingredients, you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to these factors.

  • Quality

    Making health choices begins with demanding excellence. Don’t accept anything less than the absolute best when it comes to the products – we don’t.

  • Potency

    Our brands never choose ingredients based on costs. They use ingredients and dosages that accurately replicate the most successful results obtained in scientific studies for maximum efficiency. This means you always get the most nutritional potency for your money. And this is probably the most important area, you need to investigate, when you are looking for the right product and brand.

  • Purity

    Our brands source the best raw materials, and only do business with the world’s most reputable suppliers. Additionally, all raw materials are carefully processed to preserve chemical complexity. That way, you know that what’s on our product label is what’s in your supplement.


Our Brands

Life Extension Europe is the exclusive distributor in Europe of products from:

  • Life Extension®
  • Quicksilver Scientific®
Life Extension

We also distribute products from the following producers:

  • Biosil™
  • Biosüße®
  • Purely Professional

If you are interested in having your brand included in the Life Extension Europe portfolio

Please send an e-mail to Christoph Mayr, att:

Our Story

From One-Man Operation to a Europe Wide Family-run Business

Inspired by the groundbreaking supplements from Life Extension in the United States, Life Extension Europe began as a one-man distribution operation in 1995 by founder Teddy Iversen. Ever since we started taking our first orders via fax, calls, and mail, Life Extension Europe has grown steadily to be a truly Europe-wide and family-run success.

Science-based products and expertise has led to a company in constant growth

Life Extension Europe has since its beginning been a company in growth; both in sales, customer base and product offerings. We have expanded the brands in our range to ensure that we continue to have not only the best vitamins, minerals and supplements available for you, but also best technology and carrier method.

The key to our Europe-wide success has remained the same throughout our history: an unrelenting focus on distributing products of the highest quality that are rooted in science to our European customers.

In combination with unparalleled product expertise, service, and guidance within our field, we have always done our best to make sure that you will always get the best product for you, no matter where you live or why you shop with us.

Meet Our Management

Just like our family values has always been part of our company, our goal has never changed. We are working every day to improve the health of as many Europeans as possible, and we continue to be in rapid growth.

Want to learn about our Management's favorites? Click on the images below:

Brian Friis

Brian Friis


Søren Nordahl Svendsen

Søren Nordahl Svendsen


Heidi Teschemacher

Heidi Teschemacher

CCO, Commercial Director, Consumers & Marketing/IT

Christoph Mayr

Christoph Mayr

Head of Scientific Affairs

Gitte Friis

Gitte Friis

HR Director

Arthur Rosenberg

Arthur Rosenberg

Partner Sales Manager

Our Offices

Life Extension Europe is located in the Netherlands, with a supporting office in Denmark.

Our Warehouse and Sales office:

Life Extension Europe B.V.

Frankfurtstraat 34-36, NL-1175 RH Lijnden, The Netherlands

The Administration and Marketing:

Roskildevej 12 B

3400 Hillerød,


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