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3 Ways to Support Your Outdoor Exercise Regimen

3 Ways to Support Your Outdoor Exercise Regimen
By Frederik Gammelby Jensen 2 years ago 920 Views

Exercising outdoors is one of the joys of the summer season, but it is important that you protect your body when doing so. It is no secret that food has a lot to do with how you perform, and that getting natural nutrients from food can support many bodily functions, which may affect sports performance and recovery. Here are three foods that can help you gain better sports performance results in a natural way.

1. Dark chocolate can help enhance blood flow to your muscles

Polyphenols in dark chocolate can enhance nitric oxide, a gas which increases blood flow to muscles. This can help leading to better endurance and strength-related exercise, such as when biking uphill, rowing, or swimming.

2. Support reproduction of electrolytes and hydration with coconut water

It is always important to think about hydration when exercising – and especially during the hot season. The hydrating powers of coconut water makes it a must for anyone doing sports, both in- and outdoors. Coconut water can support restoration of electrolytes lost during exercise and is an excellent choice for re-hydration.

3. Support concentration with spearmint

Studies show that spearmint can help you to concentrate and focus better. Consuming spearmint is therefore ideal when competing against someone or yourself.