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A Good Multivitamin: The Foundation of Your Supplements’ Regimen

A Good Multivitamin: The Foundation of Your Supplements’ Regimen
By Frederik 2 years ago 2769 Views

Enhancing your diet with nutritional supplements will get you closer to optimal health then diet and exercise alone.

But why, exactly, is this the case? Because the food we eat, even if fresh, local and organic, does not have the same nutritional value as it used to.

Simply put, currently the soil is poor and is producing nutrient poor food.

Supplement With an Ideally Dosed Multivitamin

The most essential supplement is an ideally dosed daily multivitamin. Some people think they should take the latest kind of supplements instead a good formulated multivitamin, but it’s not the case.

Never think of the basic vitamins and minerals as outdated and not “powerful.” From vitamin A to the mineral zinc, your body is totally dependent on these nutrients for optimal health. You can always live without the latest Amazonian herb that claims to cure everything, but you can never live without vitamins and minerals.

By the way, a multivitamin is more affordable usually than herbal and plant extracts! There are your basic, bare-bones multivitamins that provide minimal doses of some essential nutrients. And then there are your robust multivitamins that deliver ideal doses of a full spectrum of essential nutrients.

What is the main difference between these multiples? Dosage. The first type is based on the government’s “recommended dietary allowance”, and the second reflects what we call the “ideal daily intake”

Dosing vitamins and minerals at this level goes way beyond protection against deficiencies. It enters the world of optimizing energy levels, hormonal balance, cardiovascular wellness, bone strength, digestive ease, visual acuity, cognitive agility, emotional stability, and joint integrity.


Choose a good quality multivitamin

You can expect great benefits scientifically proven from a good quality multivitamin taken regularly. This can safely improve nutrient supply and overcome problems of inadequancy (1) Long-term multivitamin is linked to fewer heart problems according to a Harvard study, which noted 44% reduced risk of major cardiovascular events over 20 years of use of a multivitamin. (2) And last year, a study published in ‘Age’ magazine reported that a single multivitamin-mineral dose may boost mood in older people (3)

Now you already know how to select a good multivitamin. So, let us to give you some final tips:

  • Take your multivitamin with meals for better absorption
  • You may need some vitamins and minerals in an extra dosage for a optimum intake (typically vitamin D or magnesium for instance)
  • Keep your multivitamin in a visible space not to forget to take it
  • You can select a one or two capsules per day good multi or a more comprehensive multinutrient formula


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