Two Per Day
Two Per Day

Why supplement with Two-Per-Day?

The multivitamins in Two-Per-Day Capsules:

  • - Uses all active ingredients to support a wide variety of bodily processes
  • - Full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • - Complemented by antioxidants for additional protection

Two-Per-Day is our bestselling Multivitamin with extra high dosages of active ingredients.

Life Extension's ultra low-cost formula Two-Per-Day provides up to 50 times more potency when compared to conventional products.

So, if you are going to take a daily multivitamin supplement (Two-Per-Day), why not take the one with the highest potency?


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Two-Per-Day Capsules Our Highest Potency Multivitamin
120 Capsules Item #02314
2 per serving Out of stock
GBP 21.8
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Two-Per-Day Tablets, 120 tablets | Life Extension Highest Potency Multivitamin on the European Market
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Buy 4 get 10% discount

1 Kit Item #10005 Out of stock
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