Rewards Made Easy

Our success is built by you, our loyal customer. That’s why we strive towards improving your experience continuously.

Our Rewards is the extra benefits, you need if you want to make a difference. Purchase the highest quality vitamins, minerals and supplements - with FREE Shipping and Store Credit for every purchase you make.

How it works

We offer two types of Rewards program: MyLEE Rewards and MyPREMIER Rewards



  • 2% Store Credit, for every purchase
  • FREE Shipping above £40*

It's free to create an account, when you shop with us - and then you automatically join our MyLEE Rewards program.

*FREE Shipping is if you subscribe to our newsletter, learn more about the condition for your country.


£ 54,00 Annually

  • £ 36 voucher, for instant use
  • 4% Store Credit, for every purchase
  • FREE Shipping, no limit
  • FREE Monthly Life Extension Magazine

For only £ 54,00 annually you can enjoy all of the extra benefits of the MyPremier Rewards program.

Overview of Extra Benefits

BenefitsMyLEE RewardsMyPremier
Store Credit - Reward points for every dollar spent 2 % 4 %
Great promotions
Direct contact to Customer Care, Mostly on FREE Calls
£ 36 Voucher   ✓ with sign up
FREE Shipping above £40* No limit**
LE Magazine, send to your home every month  

£ 54,00

*See shipping conditions 

**if you sign up, you get FREE shipping on Pickup location and Home Delivery


What are Store Credits and how do they work?

Customers with an account earn Store Credits with every purchase they make. That means that a percentage of their total order value is credited to their customer account every time they make a purchase. These Store Credits can be used for future purchases in our shop.

Basic customers earn 2% Store Credit, while Premier customers earn 4%.

Store Credits never expire. However, you will have to spend all your store credits at once towards one purchase. If your purchase costs less than your total amount of store credits, you will keep the difference on your account for your next purchase.

What is FREE Shipping and how does it work?

Note - as a Premier member you get free shipping no limit, on both on Pickup location and Home delivery. Ex. on Express Saver (Malta, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Tenerife). If you are at a destination e.g. Canary Islands, you will only be able to choose the Express Saver solution. And this is not available for free shipping. However, if you are a Premier member you will receive  £ 5 in compensation every time you purchase, equal to shipping costs for everybody else.

What is the LE Magazine?

The LE Magazine is the official monthly magazine from Life Extension in the United States. The magazine contains articles and news about the latest health trends and scientific breakthroughs within dietary supplementation, which is the foundation for Life Extension products.

MYLEE Premier customers receive the latest issue of the magazine in print every month.

What are Health Goals and Health Goals Program and how do they work?

A Health Goal is an individual goal that you would like to work towards and achieve to improve your health. It could for instance be that you want to find a way to improve your mobility and joints, improve your cardiovascular system, or lose weight.

Because our products cover more than 24 health categories, all of our products can help you achieve even the most specific Health Goals.

Please call our Customer Care agents, if you have questions about setting and defining Health Goals, would like to get help to achieve one, or would like to subscribe to a Health Goals Program.

Our Customer Care agents can transfer you to one of our Health Experts, who can help you define your Health Goal, and find which products suits it.