Frequently Asked Questions

We like to make your experience with Life Extension® easy and informative. From questions about our supplements or our VIP AutoShip Program, to what you’d like to know about our dedication to scientific research and quality, check out our frequently asked questions for more information about Life Extension and what we do.

How to use website?

Do I have to create an account to shop?
How do I create an account?
Can I register as a guest?
How do I receive special offers?
I need some product advice. How and where do I get it?
How do I change the website language?

How to use the Supplement Quiz?

What is the benefit of taking the Supplement quiz?
How often can I take the quiz?
Can I edit answers to the quiz?
Is there a way to retake the entire quiz?
What happens after I finish the quiz?
I started retaking the quiz and by accident closed the browser, how do I continue from where I left off?
Is the quiz available in other languages?


How do I search for a product?
What are Health Categories?
Where do I find more information about a product?
Where do I find supplement facts for a product?
Where do I find your bestselling products?
Where do I find your newest products?
Where do I find products on sale?
Do you have gender specific products?
Why do you not have the same products as Life Extension US and Quicksilver Scientific US?
Why can’t I find the product I am looking for?
How can I see if a product is out of stock?
How do I take my product?
When do my products expire?
Where do I find your multivitamins?
How do I select the right fish oil?


What’s the difference between Home Standard and Pickup location Delivery?
What is the delivery time?
Will my order leave your warehouse today?
How can I trace my shipment?
How do I select a delivery option?
Why are your delivery boxes so big?
Why do you deliver some products in plastic bottles?
Do you ship to European Union border countries?
What is FREE Shipping and how does it work?
Can I change my FREE Shipping to another shipping provider?
Why did we update our shipping policy?


Which payment methods do you accept?
Is payment safe on your site?
I cannot get credit card approval?
Should I pay via bank transfer after receiving goods?
Can I get a discount for my purchase?
What are coupon/campaign codes and how do they work?
Where can I find the coupon code? / I don’t have a coupon code?
Can I change store credits, campaign codes, and voucher codes into cash?

Exchange and Returns

What is your return policy?

My Account/Orders

Do I have to create an account to shop?
How do I create an account?
Can I register as a guest?
How do I become a Premier customer?
How do I remove a product from my cart?
Where is my order?

Rewards Program

What are Store Credits and how do they work?
How can I use my Store Credit?


Do you follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
How do I delete my account?

Technical Issues

I can't check-out/ place my order/pay?
I cannot complete my order.
Why won’t your website accept my password?
I did not receive an order confirmation.
My order was automatically cancelled.
I cannot select a shipping type. What do I do?
Why didn’t I get FREE Shipping?

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

How do I follow you?

Where can I read the Life Extension magazine?
What is Trustpilot and how do I leave a review?
On which social media channels can I follow you?
I don’t want to receive your Magazine anymore. How do I unsubscribe?

Do you have a question you think we should add to our FAQ-section?

Do you have a question you think we should add to our FAQ-section?