Stress + Anxiety for Dogs

Powder Dog Supplement for Calm, Clarity, and Restful Sleep

Item #72040 45 Scoops In Stock

Stress + Anxiety for Dogs

Powder Dog Supplement for Calm, Clarity, and Restful Sleep

Item #72040 45 Scoops In Stock

For you, if want to soothe your dog's separation anxiety, fear of storms, stress of car trips, etc

The formula of Petz Park Stress + Anxiety for Dogs can:
  • Calm fear, nerves, and anxiety
  • Bring focus/attention and clarity
  • Help balance your dog’s emotions
  • Promote restful sleep

Stress + Anxiety for Dogs is a grain-free and non-drowsy calming dog supplement to help relax your dog in situations they find stressful. It’s easy to use and works perfectly as a dog “anxiety medication”. The product contains nutrients such as valerian root extract, magnesium, L-tryptophan, Withania somnifera, and chamomile.

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Product details "Stress + Anxiety for Dogs"
Health Benefits at a Glance:

Stress + Anxiety for Dogs is a non-drowsy calming formula designed by veterinarians to help relax your dog in situations they find stressful.

This fun and easy-to-give, grain-free powder supplement can be sprinkled over your dog's favorite food and has a beef flavor. Note that it’s suitable for dogs allergic to meat.

Moreover, it can be combined with other supplements and is suitable for dogs of any age, size, and breed.

Why it Works:

This Petz Park’s dog formula can support a more serene version of your dog:

Reducing fear, nerves, and anxiety

The most common reasons for fear, nerves, and anxiety in dogs are storms, car trips, separation anxiety, and aging.

Stress + Anxiety for Dogs can help remove and calm the feelings your dog associates with situations that cause them stress.

Be aware that many symptoms of dog anxiety are like those of canine cognitive dysfunction, (dementia in dogs). So, consider giving your dog this supplement if you have an aging dog experiencing anxiety.

A solution for restlessness and promoting restful sleep

This powder supplement contains natural ingredients that can help balance the dog’s emotions and ease its insomnia. 

Help your dog settle down and sleep through the night, and enjoy this canine friend waking up in a good mood.

Bringing focus, attention, and clarity

Paying attention when learning new skills is important.

If your dog struggles with this, Stress + Anxiety can help your dog focus and listen better. In this way, you can make teaching tricks more desirable and tasks less overwhelming for your pup. 

Enjoy a non-drowsy supplement 

The herbal blend and other natural ingredients used can deliver a non-drowsy formula, and it takes effect in as little as 30 minutes.

The Science Behind the Product:

The important ingredients in Stress + Anxiety for Dogs:

  • Valerian root is a plant widely known for its sedation benefits. It can help alleviate insomnia, curve stress plus anxiety.
  • Camomille flower is used to create a calming infusion due to its relaxing properties.
  • Withania somnifera is an adaptogenic herb that can promote normal hormone balance, which is essential for focus and balance.
  • L-tryptophan is a natural essential amino acid that is involved in producing the stress reliever serotonin.
  • Vitamin B1 helps in keeping the brain healthy and ensuring optimal cell function.
  • Magnesium plays an important role in the nervous system and helps support healthy brain function.

How to Use:

For optimal results, we recommend closely following the recommended dosage according to your dog's weight. Sprinkle your powder on top of your dog's food or mix it in if they prefer.


     Up to 11 kgs

     11-27 kgs

      27-26 kgs

   Over 36 kgs


   ½ scoop daily

   1 scoop daily

   2 scoops daily

   3 scoops daily

When to feed the calming supplement:

  • Separation anxiety: Feed 30 minutes before you leave each time
  • General anxiety: Feed with morning food
  • Storm anxiety: Feed 30 minutes before a storm is due
  • Restlessness: Feed with evening food or before bed
  • Car/motion sickness: Feed 30 minutes before car journey


How long will a pouch last?

Dog's weight

  45 scoops

0-11 kgs

  13 weeks

11-27 kgs

    6 weeks

27-36 kgs

    3 weeks

36 kgs+

    2 weeks

How long will it take to see results? 

This varies from dog to dog. Some owners see results within a couple of days, others in a couple of weeks. A factor of this could depend on the severity of their issues; another could be the size of your dog. 

Always allow 4-6 weeks before expecting to see improvements in your dog.

Do you have any feeding tips or tricks?

Since all of Petz Park’s supplements are in powder form, you can use them in lots of different ways. Try adding your powder to a spoonful of yogurt, mixing it in with banana or even peanut butter – whatever your dog's favorite treat is. 

You can always try adding a small amount of powder to their food too and slowly building to the recommended dosage.

My dog has omega in her diet, can I still use this?

Yes! However, we highly advise lowering your dog's recommended dosage by around half so we don't overload them with omegas.

What is the difference between omega supplements and fish oil for dogs? 

Fish oil includes a high amount of EPA and DHA but is an incomplete source of omega-3. This means that it contains other elements that are unnecessary and potentially toxic. Fish oil turns rancid quickly.

These two main fatty acids in fish oil are also the most vulnerable to oxidative damage. This means that using fish oil may produce damage called oxidative stress, leading to several other health issues in dogs.

In using omega-3 supplements, you can be sure that your dog is receiving a more beneficial and safer amount of omega-3 in their diet as well as a longer-lasting shelf life.

Can I use more than one supplement at a time?

All the Petz Park supplements can be used alongside each other without any problems. Please follow the recommended dosage for each product that you use for optimal results.

How to help the dog with anxiety?

If your dog is stressed every time you leave, destroys stuff when you aren’t around or follows you from room to room when you get back, it might seem your pet is struggling with anxiety.

Apart from physical contact, using toys for distraction, and making sure your pet has a safe hiding place, dog anxiety supplements are a good solution.

How to help a dog with separation anxiety?

To manage dog separation anxiety, you could give your dog a treat every time you leave home, make comings and goings low-key, leave some of your clothes behind, and of course get dog-calming products like supplements.

Where is this product produced?

Stress + Anxiety for Dogs is manufactured in Australia. This strong formula is suited to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

Enjoy a calmer version of your dog with this results-based supplement.

Health topics:
Supplement Facts
Nutritional Analysis per scoop (2 g powder):
Metabolizable energy30,7 kJ
Protein0,33 g
Fat0,02 g
Carbohydrates1,43 g
Fiber0,04 g
Salt0 g
Moisture0,4 g
Ash0,18 g
Magnesium300 mg
Hemp Powder250 mg
Withania Somnifera225 mg
Vitamin B1130 mg
L-Tryptophan85 mg
Chamomile 60 mg
Valerian Root 60 mg
Passion Flower50 mg
Ginger Root 30 mg

Dextrose, Fumed Silica, Roast Beef Flavour, Natural Woodsmoke

How long will a pouch last?
Weight..........45 Scoops.......90 Scoops.......180 Scoops
0-11 kgs........13 weeks........26 weeks...........52 weeks
11-27 kgs........6 weeks........13 weeks...........26 weeks
27-36 kgs........3 weeks..........6 weeks...........12 weeks
36 kgs +..........2 weeks..........4 weeks.............8 weeks


Stress + Anxiety takes effect in as little as 30 minutes and peaks for 8 hours. Please keep this in mind when feeding your supplement. Example scenario: Separation anxiety. Feed 30 minutes before you leave each time.
For optimal results, we recommend closely following the recommended dosage according to your dog's weight.
Sprinkle your powder on top of your dog's food or mix it in if they prefer.

Dog's Weight..........Daily Amount
Under 11 kgs..........1/2 scoop
11-27 kgs..................1 scoop
27-36 kgs..................2 scoops
Over 36 kgs..............3 scoops

Suitable for those allergic to meat: Beef flavour is just that... a flavour!


Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Original source/product from Petz Park