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Bitters inherently turn on the digestive processes, but there are some bitter herbs that are more targeted for supporting the movement of bile, and toxins, from the liver and out through the gallbladder.

Receptors for bitter cover the back of the tongue, and are also found in the lungs, ovaries, pancreas and other tissues. 

  • They can trigger numerous biological processes.
  • These include regulation of blood sugar
  • Activation of the immune system in response to infections.

What Are Bitters?

There are various forms of bitters which offer liposomal nutritious support. Different ingredients contributing to bitters include milk thistle, eggplant, orange and melon. 

Orange Bitters

Oranges provide a rich supply of  hesperidin, and 60 other flavonoids, as well as pectin fiber, making them nutrition powerhouses. Research demonstrates that oranges and their compounds powerfully boost eye, heart, kidney, and immune health.


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